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Filmmaking is craftmanship by handling the camera. Additionally needed is a photographic view , improvisation, quick capturing and reaction: Sometimes it is more like hunting or a journey of discovery . See what others do not observe and record details that are often overlooked . It’s Quality just when the film already is formed while shooting and not everything is already set. My strengthes: Flexible changing viewing angles and spontaneity during capturing combined with the feeling when cutting the footage. Here are some examples:


Travel Videos



Along the westcoast from Southwest to the Northwest of Mallorca: Banyalbufar - Serra de Tramuntana- Valdemossa - Soller - Pollença - Cape Formentera - Santuari de Lluc.
       21 minutes with impressions of some the worldwide most important heritages of the civilication in Egypt: the pyramids of Gizeh and Sakkara, the oldtown of Cairo, Templums of 25 Minuten Philae, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Karnak, Luxor with it's market , the cataracts of the River Nile, a nubian village and more. Sorry to my international friends: preliminarily the video is only in German language. But in the medium run I will add English subtitles.


Endless plains , rugged mountains , bone-dry deserts , gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, a poignant starry sky - with these words we can outline the impressions that we could have in the three weeks of our stay in this country. This description would be incomplete however without mentioning the people with their tremendously friendly behaviour and almost having a cheerful laugh - and last but not least, without the amazing wildlife of Africa.

The "Big Five" - lion, leopard , elephant, buffalo and rhino - the countless antelope, the cheetah and the bird life and left us unforgettable memories of these three weeks in August 2013.

However, it would be dishonest to stand alone with the natural beauty and the friendly people we got to know : as well in most countries in Africa , grinding poverty, and enormous wealth are also in Namibia , despite all the social progress still that to poles are quite close together. This perceiving consciously is also obligatory for us to stay in this Land. 
We hope you enjoy our movies and photos in this video!


Transjordan - country over the Jordan - was the name of this country since ancient times. Already 8OOO years ago some of the oldest statues of mankind were made here in Ain Ghazal . Later , the area around the Jordan River was home to many nations, the Moabites , the Edomites and Nabateans with their great capital Petra . In biblical times, Moses led his people over Mount Nebo to Canaan . In Greek and Roman antiquity, the Decapolis , the covenant of the ten cities , including Philadelphia (modern Amman), Gerasa and Gadara was founded. A vast field of ruins is still whitnessing the former glory . On Jordan's area is located the place where Jesus was babtised . In the south we find one of the most beautiful desert landscapes - Wadi Rum

A special thank to Abdullah Yousef , who strove with outstanding expertise and infinite kindness, to tell us the beauty , but also the current problems of this country east of the Jordan River.

One word to our international friends: We regret that the voice over in that film is only in german language.


  Iceland – the land of Jörmungandr, the serpent Midgard. It is said that the back of the monster rages out of the water at only one place in the world. There the island of Iceland was born of fire. A hard shoot within fire, water and ice, but it was pretty exciting and journey into the childhood of earth into a land full of beauty, adventure and extreme conditions.

Music by Joachim Lehberger and Arndt Stein (with kind permission for using „Arktika“)
Entirely shot with Panasonic HC-X 909
Edited in Magix Video ProX 6


  Documentary  Videos  

If you're planning a stay at Mallorca, this museum could be one of the highlights there. Perhaps you will like the film.

This film was captured at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Palma de Mallorca.

The institution was established on March 7th, 1981, when Joan Miró and his wife Pilar Juncosa donated the artist’s studios, together with all the art works, objects, and documents they contained, to the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Mallorca.

Dionisio Aguado i Garcia: Selected guitar pieces. 
Glissando in e-minor. 
Performed by Jürgen Knuth

Don Perez Freire
Performed by Edson Lopez

Creative Common Licenced (musopen.org)



  A reportage on a cooperation project of a school and a company. The common aim is to promote the vocational choice of pupils.

Sorry - the inteviews are only in German.

Thanks to BOTEK, Riederich, Germany and Auwiesenschule GWRS, Neckartenzlingen


One word to our international friends: We regret that the voice over in that film is only in german language.





A short video of painter Antje Korinek-Blessing depicting her artistic work.

Mehr/more: koblart.de

Produced by koblart (Antje Korinek-Blessing & Walter Korinek)
Camera/Directed/Edited by Walter Korinek
Music by Kevin McLeod (

One word to our international friends: We regret that the voice over in that film is only in german language.





In the 19th century more than 68.000 whales were hunted and killed annually. Nowadays whale whatching is one of the most growing ecotourist businesses in Iceland.

This is a new release of my video of 2012. Now I'm trying experiment with color grading, ratio and producing my own soundtracks.


Thanks to The Whale Museum Husavík and Arctic Sea Tours Dalvik.






It is narrow, hot and loud on the patrol boats. However there is wistfulness - the days of the patrol boats are numbered. In 2016 the ships will be off duty. Prior to this some short impressions of a visit at a Fast Patrol Boat Squadron of the German Navy. The ships are deployed at the navy base of Warnemuende and I had the opportunity of a one week's seminar on foreign and security policy there.
They are assigned at the coast of Lebanon within the UNIFIL-mission of the United Nations.

More: un.org/en/peacekeeping/missions/unifil/



    A commisional video for "botek" in Riederich/Germany on dual vocational education and training in different professions. 


One word to our international friends: We regret that the voice over in that film is only in german language.




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