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  • Born 1953

  • Grown up near Stuttgart (Germany)

  • Teacher and Headmaster, Trainer

  • Studies in German Language, History, Philosophy, Educational Science  

  • graduated as PhD at University of Tuebingen

  • Studies on Journalism at Deutsches Journalismuskolleg Berlin

  • Author and Freelance Journalist





















Selection of videos

  • Symphony In Blue - United in Diversity“ (2014) : Impressions of the Parlamentarium at Brussels

  • "Who wants  to determine, how things  have to look like?" (2016)

  • Take up your option! - Nütze Deine Chance! (2013) Report on vocational training

  • Leben und Lernen - die Auwiesenschule (2013) Report on a german school

  • Der Hammer (2013)  Report

  • Iceland - Land Of The Serpent Midgard (2014)

  • Gentle Giants (2012/14)


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